Moving House In Leighton Buzzard

Moving House Tips.

We know the stresses and strains involved with moving house, so we have put together a few moving tips for you, to help make life a bit easier.

  1. Notify all of your utilities to so that they are switched off after your departure. Contact your new utilities so that they will be ready upon your arrival at your new property.
  2. File a change of address with the Post Office for all members of your family to redirect your mail.
  3. Sort through your possessions and decide if there are any items you no longer want and take them to a charity shop or have a garage sale.
  4. Draw out a floor plan of your new property and decide upon how your possessions will fit into your new home.
  5. Work out how you are going to package your possessions, would you like to pack it yourself, pack all but the breakables, or leave all the packaging to us. You will need to estimate how much packaging you are going to require.
  6. Make sure you label your boxes so that you can find important items when you arrive at your new home.
  7. Make sure that we have your new & current addresses along with at least one contact number.
  8. Contact your selling estate agents and check the time you have to be out of your current home. Additionally, contact the buying estate agents and check the time they are going to release the keys if you do not have them.
  9. Pack a box of essentials such a disposable plates & cups, snacks, cleaning supplies, bin bags & bathroom items.
  10. When Buzzard Movers arrive on the day of moving it is important to have someone on hand to help direct our staff and keep the move running smoothly.
  11. Check with the driver that they have the correct name, address & phone number before they leave for your new home.
  12. Ensure that all items are loaded before you lock and leave your old home.
  13. Full payment will be required upon completed removal at your new address.


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